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Be the Change Youth Summit connects middle and high school students to life-changing skills and constructive tools to inspire change in themselves, their communities and the world.

Through the Summit, students had interactive opportunities to:

Strengthen life skills
Manage health and well-being
Pursue personal and educational goals
Gain tools for positive expression and action
Be the Change in the community beyond the Summit

Nearly 200 students, presenters and volunteers were engaged in this exciting and inspiring Summit, which consisted of interactive discussions, workshops and entertainment.


Be the Change is a 100% volunteer-driven group. Your volunteerism and contributions not only help make the Summit possible but also create a Change Fund that youth can apply for mini-grants to lead Legacy projects in the community after the Summit.

Click here to pledge your support, which will be made payable to Helping Empower Youth (HEY), a non-profit organization that is serving as the fiscal agent / financial manager of all collected donations. HEY motivates and inspires young people to take action that changes the world.


For more information about HEY, visit 


2019 Summit Speaker | Matthew Grady

Hope Dealer • Speaker @NsaSpeakers • Assistant Ministry Leader @StMarkChurch


  • Dealing with disappointments & anger  

  • Recognizing and processing grief 

  • Honoring and creating your best self 

  • Spiritual mental and physical health




  • Developing your leadership skills 

  • Finding your voice / public speaking

  • Building community through service 

  • Service and self transformation 



  • Art and self-expression 

  • Art as a tool for social change 

  • Discovering the artist within 

  • Defining and reclaiming my image 


  • Life skills  

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Financial literacy


"To create a more just, humane and peaceful world, humanity must own our past, present and future. Owning it will move us from pity to compassion, from stagnation to progress, and from being thermometers to being thermostats. It is especially critical that we engage youth in cultivating a thermostat mentality. Let us constantly remind and demonstrate to them that, with service, a spirit of love, sacrifice and a strategy for change, which I believe should be rooted in Nonviolence365 ™️ (my father, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s, nonviolent philosophy and methodology), they can be thermostats. They can set the atmosphere, raise the standard and, as this Summit educates and empowers them to do, Be The Change they want to see to positively shift inhumane systems and social ills in our global community, beginning in their local communities, with attention to their own personal growth.“

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